Speed up Chrome on Android

Chrome on Android has a lot of really powerful (and often experimental) settings tucked away. Here are some tweaks you can do right now to speed up your browsing experience.


Keep in mind that depending on your setup and physical hardware, your mileage may vary – but you can always change them back if there are any issues.

Type chrome://flags/ in the URL address bar. Relaunch the apps via the relaunch option at the bottom after the changes.

1. Maximum tiles for interest area: set to 512.
2. Number of raster threads (4 for quad core CPUs)
3. Enable override software rendering
4. Enable experimental canvas features
5. GPU accelerated SVG filters
6. Enable WebGL
7. Enable experimental websocket
8. Enable SPDY/4 Alpha

Some of these changes are also applicable on the Desktop version of the Chrome browser. Happy browsing!

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